Taenia taeniaeformis in dogs and cats

Common info

Taenia taeniaeformis is a type of tapeworms, often found in cats, and sometimes dogs. Cats will infect by eating rat liver or rabbit that have Taenia taeniaeformis in the body. Infected cats and dogs usually asymptomatic.


In 1808, the Taenia taeniaeformis was first described when the adult form of the Taenia taeniaeformis found in cats and the larvae in the liver of mice.


The carriers (Rats, rabbits) eat Taenia taeniaeformis eggs. Taenia taeniaeformis eggs will hatch and become Taenia taeniaeformis larvae in the liver of carriers. When cats or dogs eat the carriers, Taenia taeniaeformis larvae will get into their system to grow and breed in the intestine.


  • Asymptomatic

There is no report with infection of Taenia taeniaeformis in cats or dogs. Thus, the asymptomatic are not specified.

Treatment and Prevention

The infection Taenia taeniaeformis in cats and dogs can treat by giving your pets Praziquantel and Epsiprantel. Taenia taeniaeformis in cats and dogs can prevent by feeding your cat and dogs with a cooked meal, giving them a dewormer often, and preventing them from eating the carriers.

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