Renal failure (kidney failure)

Common info

Renal Failure (Kidney Failure) can be found in both dogs and cats. This disease is fatal. There are second types of kidney failure, which are instant kidney failure and chronic kidney failure. Other complications may include heart disease, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure.


Kidneys are important organs that excrete wastes out of the body and also in a urine form. Furthermore, it helps balance salt, water, calcium, and phosphorus in the body and controls the blood pressure and supports red blood cell production.  Renal Failure (Kidney Failure) both chronic and fatal kidney failure obstruct the kidney working system. It is common in elderly animals. When the kidneys can’t be completely functioning, the animals will get sick and die.


Renal Failure (Kidney Failure) caused by long-term behavior. It may deteriorate the kidneys and the inabilities to urinate or eliminate wastes out of the bloodstream. It can also be caused by genetics and other factors.


Common Symptoms are

  • Loss of thirst
  • Drowsy
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive thirst
  • Increase or decrease of urination.
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydrate
  • Low body temperature

Treatment and Prevention

Treatment for kidney failure

  1. Using medicine to improve urine production and decrease blood pressure.
  2. Treatment to increase the liquid in the system.
  3. Chemical equilibrium and alimentary canal problems management, improve the low blood pressure by the supplements and medicines.
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