Juvenile cellutitis

Common info

Juvenile Cellulitis is skin tissue cells inflammation in young dogs, mostly known as puppy strangles or juvenile pyoderma is an uncommon skin condition in dogs such as dermatitis, lethargy, depression, and lameness. When the puppies are first presented with skin bacterial infections with pus, however, Juvenile Cellulitis is a relatively rare condition.


Canine juvenile cellulitis, also known as puppy strangles. There will be a swell around the head, neck, around the mouth, eyes, and ears. The skin will be cracked from the swell. It is still unknown what causes canine juvenile cellulitis, but it is believed that the disease is derived from the abnormalities in the immune system that might have to do with genetics. From the cell experiment, we also found that it’s often the effect from the lymph gland, blister, abscess, and water in joints get exploded which makes the bacteria get into the wound and corrode the damaged tissues. It causes inflammation without infection.


Juvenile cellulitis is the cause of the bacterial infection that includes pus, and it also has to do with the immune system and genetics.


  • Skin infection
  • Swollen face, mouth, nose, and around the eyes.
  • Pain
  • Drowsy
  • Joints pain

The symptoms of Juvenile cellulitis usually starts with facial swelling from the face, and then to the mouth, nose, and around the eyes. If feeling hot and swelling, it means that there is pus under the skin, further symptoms include loss of appetite, drowsy, joints pain but no itchiness.

Treatment and Prevention

Juvenile cellulitis is the cause of abnormalities in the immune system. For treatment, we need to restrain an autoimmune system response by using Prednisone to stimulate the appetite and for them to urinate more often. Other medicines can be used, as well. If there are any complications at all, they need to be given an antibiotic to heal the inflammation and pain in dogs. So the immune system response can be easily controlled.


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