Joint trauma

Common info

Joint trauma Is an abnormality that depends on each type of injury, a tendon injury or a cruciate ligament is often the most common cause, it causes abnormalities in the hind legs and osteoarthritis If not treated, ligaments are part of the femur structure. Cracks of the bone are found in young dogs or in cartilage that is not strong. Joint disorders often caused by jumping or falling from a height which makes the hip bone or hips can move out of its normal position.


Joint trauma is a wound that affects the overall structure which affects the joints. In which the cartilage that located at the joints that cover the head of the bone, there will be a hole in the middle between the bones that are attached to the tendons. If there is severe injury or illness that affects the joints, it will cause pus in this cavity and will cause inflammation and swelling, which will affect the health and body of the animal.


There are many factors that cause Joint trauma disease.

  • The cruciate ligament is torn tendons deterioration, Weakness of tendons and immune deficiency.
  • Normal Injuries
  • Ankle fracture or displaced caused by jumping or falling from a height
  • Hip movement, hip fracture


  • Joint trauma
  • Weak
  • Inflammation
  • Wounds, external wounds
  • There are wounds on the skin outside the joints

Common symptoms are: acute illness or weakness, swelling, external lesions around the joints and heat and swelling in the joints and can feel the softness when touched. But it will cause pain in animals.

Treatment and Prevention

For Treatment Joint trauma is : 

  • Reduce the movement of pets to reduce pain.
  • Clean if there is an external wound.
  • Wrap or Bandage to help reduce swelling and help control pain
  • Use medication to reduce swelling and reduce pain
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