Glycogen storage disease (glycogenosis) in dog

Common info

Glycogen storage disease or glycogenosis is caused by genetic deficiency. It’s the abnormality in the enzyme. glycogen storage disease is an accumulation of. glycogen(GSD, glycogenosis, and dextrinosis). The metabolism is abnormal because of the lack of the enzyme which usually in the muscles and liver cells and it affects glycogen synthesis.


It was reported in 1929 by a German doctor, Edgar Otto Conrad von Gierke and in 1952 by Cori and Cori which could identify the cause of the disease which is the enzyme deficiency called glucose 6-phosphatase, derived from glycogen metabolism deficiency. Glycogen Storage Disease is derived from the genetic abnormalities in dogs caused by Enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase which can produce glucose less than usual and causes the decrease of glucose burning process efficiency in the blood and affect the liver which can cause death.


Glycogen storage disease or glycogenosis in dogs is caused by heredity and defective enzymes Cause glycogen enzymes Can not work Therefore affecting the health of the pet.


  • Low glucose in the blood
  • Weakness
  • Liver enlarge
  • Loss  of appetite

Treatment and Prevention

The method that can be treated Glycogen storage disease is to give the dextrose substance into the veins. But in a pet that are disease Opportunities for treatment are difficult. Most will die within 1 year.

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