Nutritional osteopathies

Common info

Osteoarthritis, bone abnormality, bone tumor, bone fracture or caries, and loose teeth. These symptoms show the problems of body nutrition that affects parathyroid and calcium and vitamin metabolism. Specific causes such as the complications of kidney disease that high calcium and phosphorus in the blood, and receiving too much vitamin A.


The bone disease affects the food or nutrients that the animals receive. There are many factors such as Hypervitaminosis A (Receiving too much Vitamin A for a long period) which can cause liver disease or rickets and Hypovitaminosis D, which is the result of lacking Vitamin D. There is a severe abnormality in bone formation. Despite disrupting the usual cartilage bone disease, chronic respiratory disease or lack of phosphorus, vitamin D, and calcium can also cause the disease.


A Bone disease caused by nutrients often derived from the deficiency of receiving inadequate calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and D including the thyroid gland malfunctioning that supports the metabolic system performance.


  • Bone disease
  • Deficiency Parathyroid hormone
  • Weak
  • Other

Each of the symptoms as  depends on food And the nutrition that the pet received

Treatment and Prevention

For Treatment Nutritional osteopathic disease  Depends on the symptoms, the surgical needed is rare and the doctor might suggest to give them supplementary food or vitamin supplements to increase the quantity of their consumption.

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