Bone tumors

Common info

The structure of tumors can cause cancer and can be divided into Second types.

  1. Primary bone cancer is a cancer disease derived from the cells of the bone it self.
  2.  Secondary bone cancer: Bone cancer caused by other cancer that spread to the bone. The most common ones are lung cancer, thyroid gland cancer bone metastases or bone Mets

Tumors that develop into cancer that mostly found is bone cancer, which affects the upper bones of the front legs and the upper bones of back legs or back Femur.


Bone tumor is an abnormality in the bone tissue growth which can become a benign tumor or malignant tumor. The tumors in the bone are classified as primary bone cancer or cancer caused by the cells of the bone itself and Secondary bone cancer which is bone cancer caused by other cancer that spread to the bone.

There’s research from The United States that reported the chances of survival in cancer for the past 5 years are as high as 67%.


The specific cause is unknown, but there are factors such as genetics, from Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (Used be radiated for cancer therapy before), or used to have cancer before.


  • Bone tumors
  • Weak
  • Limping
  • Bone Pain
  • Swollen
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Drowsy

Common symptoms are the weakness, contracted muscles, bone pain. These diseases can be acute or slowly and spread into the bone. They will suffer from weight loss and appetite loss and won’t feel like doing any activities. 

Treatment and Prevention

The treatment depends on the factors. The body needs to be examined to find the proper treatment for each dog. Since there are tumors in the bones, it can be Osteosarcoma. Bone cancer-induced will be classified for the different parts of the body that the cancer is found. So it needs to be checked precisely to understand what type of tumor they have and to get proper treatment as appropriate. Surgical therapy also has a different outcome for each type of tumor.

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