Bone fractures

Common info

Bone Fractures might be able to cause death, but it still depends on the severity and its location.  The common causes are accidents, falling, getting hit by something, fight, in some cases, the bones might be loosened from the joints or even the porous bones without a crack can cause bone fractures as well.


There Four types of bone fractures in dogs and cats. Since bone structures are similar. The bone fractures can be classified as follows

Bone fractures, the fractured bone that doesn’t cause skin wound.

Cracked bones:  Only one side of the bone is cracked, the other side is bending due to the high pressure of the cracked bone.

Compound fractures,  Wound that deep to the bone, or the cracked bone may be pierced through the skin. In severe case, can cause hemorrhage and Nerves destroyed Or easily infected and the loss of legs and arms.

Epiphyseal fractures: Often occur in young and developing cats and dogs.


The common causes are an accident, getting hit by a car, fall from a height, intense activity.


  • Fractured bones, broken bones
  • Cracked bones
  • Compound fractures
  • Epiphyseal fractures
  • Bone fracture
  • Weak
  • Pain
  • Swollen

The common symptoms are pain, swelling. In younger pets, the fractured bones always occur in the leg from jumping and falling from a height.

Treatment and Prevention

For Treatment Bone Fractures  It depends on the type of bone fractures, symptoms, severity, and age of an animal. Please follow a veterinary recommendation.

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