Retinal dysplasia in dogs and cats

Common info

Retinal dysplasia caused by abnormal development of the retina, it will create a small blind spot, but it does not cause serious problems for dogs and cats, except swollen eyes, bloodshot eyes, and crash into objects from not being able to see clearly.


Retinal dysplasia caused by heredity or the infection of the Herpes virus before birth, affecting the development of the retina of puppies and kittens.


Retinal dysplasia in dogs and cats will cause small creases or other forms within the tissue of the retina, which will disappear when the dog is older; otherwise, it may cause blindness.


  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Bumping into objects
  • Swollen eye
  • Behavioral changes
  • Hesitancy to walk into dark

Retinal dysplasia in dogs and cats causes dogs and cats to be reluctant to jump from upland, crash into objects, hesitancy to walk into dark, swollen eyes, bloodshot eyes, and behavioral changes.

Treatment and Prevention

Nowadays, Retinal dysplasia in dogs and cats has no effective treatment. Check the parent’s DNA to avoid Retinal dysplasia in puppies and kittens. There is no treatment for this condition. DNA tests are now available for many breeds to aid in the early identification of Retinal dysplasia in dogs and cats.

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