Glaucoma in dogs and cats

Common info

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that result in damage to the optic nerve, and Glaucoma may cause vision loss.


Richard Bannister described the relationship between intraocular and glaucoma pressure for the first time in 1622.


Glaucoma caused by fluid retention in the eye, creating increased pressure in the eyeball and pressing/ damaging the nerves. Glaucoma can divide into two types, Glaucoma from heredity and glaucoma from infection.


  • Vision loss
  • Blinking more than usual
  • Cloudy eye
  • Pupil is not responsive
  • Redness eye
  • Swollen eye

Acute glaucoma in dogs and cats is an emergency. Glaucoma causes eye pain, swollen eyes, increased blinking, congestion, severe redness eye, pupil is not responsive, enlarged eyeball, bulging eyes, and cloudy eyes, which can cause vision loss.

Treatment and Prevention

The treatment depends on the severity and cause of Glaucoma in dogs and cats. The goal is to reduce intraocular pressure and pain; If not responding, surgery must perform. Glaucoma in dogs and cats can prevent by giving intensive care to dogs and cats. See the vet as soon as there is an abnormal condition or if Glaucoma is seemingly to occur.

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