Exophthalmos in dogs and cats

Common info

Exophthalmos is when the eyeball moves forward in an unusual position. It can found in dogs and cats, all breeds and ages.


Exophthalmos was first discovered in 1809 by Benjamin Travers.


Exophthalmos in dogs and cats can occur for many reasons, such as bleeding in the eye, pus in the eyes, inflammatory eye tissue (From bacteria or fungi), etc.


  • Coloboma of the optic disc, cleft marks on the retina
  • Bleeding in the eye
  • Inflammation eyes tissue
  • Pus in the eye
  • Swollen eyelid
  • Blindness
  • Cherry eye
  • Fever
  • Lagophthalmos
Exophthalmos in dogs and cats may cause fever, swollen eyelids, cherry eye, loss of vision, pus in the eyes, watery eyes, eyes cannot close completely (lagophthalmos), corneal inflammation, Inflammatory eye tissue, and bleeding in the eye.

Treatment and Prevention

Treatment depends on the cause of Exophthalmos; you should consult your veterinarian. Exophthalmos can be prevented by taking care of your pet closely, taking care of them when they are doing activities to avoid injuries that can cause Exophthalmos.

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