Nuclear sclerosis in dogs and cats

Common info

Nuclear sclerosis is like cataracts or glaucoma because the eyes are cloudy, blue or gray eye lenses, but suffering from Nuclear sclerosis will still be able to see, but the vision will get worse at night.


Nuclear sclerosis occurs in old dogs and cats, aged 6-8 years.


Throughout the life of dogs and cats, they will continue to create fiber around the eye lens, but when they get older, these fibers will harden, causing cloudy eye, blue or gray eye lens, or often called Nuclear sclerosis.


  • Cloudy eye
  • Blue or gray eye lens

The main symptoms of Nuclear sclerosis in dogs and cats are cloudy eye and blue or gray eye lenses.

Treatment and Prevention

Nuclear sclerosis in dogs and cats needs no treatment since the condition is normal in dogs and cats. Only if it develope into a cataract, you should consult a veterinarian. Nuclear sclerosis in dogs and cats caused by a natural change due to age; so, it cannot prevent.

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