Entropion in dogs and cats

Common info

Entropion is when the part of the eyelid contract or folded in the eyeball (Most Entropion in the lower eyelid) eyelid rolls in, resulting in eye irritation and keratitis.


In 1963, J.L. Dore was a study on eye disorders (Entropion) in elderly dogs.


Entropion in dogs and cats caused by genetics. Most of its found that dogs with high risk are short-faced dog breeds


  • Eye irritating
  • Keratitis
  • Epiphora
  • Mucus/pus discharge from the eyes
  • Redness eye

Entropion in dogs and cats often causes eye irritation and excessive eyes (epiphora), redness eye. If the eyelid rolls in for a long time, it may cause eye discoloration, corneal inflammation (keratitis), including green mucus or pus from the eyes.

Treatment and Prevention

Entropion in dogs and cats can treat by using eye drops or creams to reduce irritation, and surgery for permanent treatment. Entropion in dogs and cats is a genetic disease that cannot prevent.

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