Nephrogenic (lack of response to ADH)

Common info

Nephrogenic is quite rare, it affects the metabolic water, protecting the body from water over-kept or over-losing the water. It causes a high frequency of urination in animals, diluted urine, and excessive thirst. There are 2 types of Nephrogenic which are central DI and nephrogenic DI which completely unassociated with diabetes.


Nephrogenic DI is a failure of kidney response to antidiuretic Hormone which prompted the muscle capillaries and reduced urination. Kidney conditions and non-responsive to ADH that caused by nephrogenic can be noticed from chronic kidney failure or nephrotoxicity. High calcium in the blood, low potassium in the blood, and kidney nephritis are unassociated with diabetes.


The cause of nephrogenic is kidney failure, non-responsive to antidiuretic which derived from an overdose.


  • Polyuria
  • Polydipsia
  • Dehydrate
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unhealthy hair
  • Nervous system problems

There are many symptoms such as over-urinate, excessive thirst, weight loss, loss of appetite, and unhealthy hair. The reason why the kidneys are non-responsive to ADH might be because of overdosing, abnormalities in endocrine glands and genetics.

Treatment and Prevention

For the treatment of Nephrogenic (lack of response to ADH) if medication is what causes the disease, stop using it under a doctor’s care might heal the symptoms. They should drink enough water to keep themselves hydrated.

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