Yeast induced

Common info

Ear canal disease is common in pets (Dogs and cats). It’s mostly an external ear canal infection called Otitis externa since the animal’s ear-shape is similar to the letter L and deeper the human ears. So it’s more difficult to clean which causes diseases. There are many factors such as allergies, bacterial and yeast infections, a bug bite, and other environmental factors such as moist ears, infection from air dust.


Bacteria and yeast: there are many types of bacterias and yeasts such as Malassezia pachydermatis which is the primary cause of bacterial infection in ears, normal ears will have the ability to protect themselves from infectious microorganisms but if the ear condition is changed due to allergies, hormones abnormalities, moist. Bacterias and yeasts will be able to grow and destroy the defense mechanism against infections in the body.


There are changes in the ear condition due to allergies, hormones abnormalities, or moist. The bacterias and yeasts will be able to grow very well which destroys the defense mechanism of infections in the body and causes yeast infections which can lead to other ear problems. 


  • Ear infection
  • Shaky head
  • Scratching behind the ears
  • Pain
  • Smelly ears
  • Changes in behavior

Observable symptoms of ear canal infection are smelly ears, scratching or rubbing the ears against objects, secretions from the ear canals, redness on ears or in-ear canals, swelling, shaky head, tilt the head to one side, pain around the ear area, changes in behavior such as drowsy or always in a bad mood.

Treatment and Prevention

For Treatment Yeast induced always keep the ears clean using ear drops, and need to be under a doctor’s care since specific medical equipment is needed to clean the ears to avoid any dangers and the bad effects to the ears. Antibacterial medicines or corticosteroids might be used for the treatment to reduce irritation that might be the cause of infections and to control the infections. Anti-candida diet or antibiotics can be dropped into the ears or consumed to reduce infections.


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