Urine Marking (Spraying)

Common info

Urinating to create a territory or spraying as a communicational behavior that dogs and cats do, due to various reasons, areas where dogs and cats sprays, will have a pungent smell, leaving the stain for a long time. Sometimes animals just want to claim their territory or just want to feel safe and communicate with other animals or even spraying to find a partner during the estrus cycle.


Urination in pets may be caused by many reasons, spraying behavior is not a disease but a behavioral disorder that caused by changing the environment or the stress of pets, even creating a territory to make themselves feel safe.

Because pets have different communication behaviors from humans, Therefore, It’s important to know the behavior of pets to find a way to prevent or fix, In case there’s a disease that relates to an internal system.

Spraying to make themselves feel safe, your pet will pee in a vertical direction to mark the safe territory. Using products that makes animals feel safe will improve their behavior. These behaviors may be caused by;

  • Relocating
  • Noise (Causing anxiousness)
  • There is a new pet in the house
  • New furniture in the house

Pets will urinate and spray to show the territory for other animals that may intrude to their areas. Especially when their age is suitable for breeding, they will spray to communicate with other animals.


There are many causes such as

  • Relocating
  • Stress
  • Making territory
  • Moving to a new house
  • There is a new pet in the house
  • New furniture in the house


  • Urinating to create a territory (Spraying)
  • Urinate in the corner of the room
  • Pee spray, Spraying
  • The environment has changed
  • Stressed

They will show symptoms by urinating in various areas in the house, such as the corner of the room, curtains or wallpaper. But not in the provided area (sandbox).

Treatment and Prevention

General treatment Urine Marking (Spraying) is sterilization because the animals will stop peeing, spraying the territory or to find a partner automatically a few weeks (or maybe up to 1 month) after the sterilization. There should be a private space to make them feel secure and safe.

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