Inappropriate elimination

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Inappropriate elimination, excreting outside the sandbox or the pee pad is a behavioral problem of pets that are common in young pets that are untrained. There are also many reasons that cause dogs and cats to urinate or feces outside the provided space such as stress, sickness or sand picking is not clean enough and other factors.


The pet refuse to urinate or feces in sand trucks or places that are prepared for, there may be the reasons behind it such as;

  1. Physical disordersWhen the cat is unhealthy or is physically abnormal, it can cause excreting outside of the sandbox. This condition indicates urinary tract diseases such as urinary tract infection, kidney disease or diabetes. In addition, the cause may also be diseases associated with movement as well, such as old cats that have rheumatoid arthritis and they do not want to walk to the sandbox to excrete, so they decide to excrete anywhere due to pain.
  2. The sand is not clean.Cats are very clean creatures, if they find that the sand is smelly or dirty, they will choose not to use it at all because cats have a better sense of smell than humans, so even though we think that the sandbox is still not dirty and still don’t have any bad smell, but it can be dirty and smelly for cats.
  3. Sandbox is in an unreachable place or difficult to get to.The location of the appropriate sandbox should be in a peaceful area. There are no people in the house walking around, and always doing activities, including places that are always noisy.
  4. Type of cat sandThere are many types of cat sand in the market today. But not all types of sand are suitable for every cat, therefore, it is important to note that which type of sand they like to use and give them that to prevent any further problems in the future and should not change the sand type immediately, it may cause them to be confused.
  5. There are many other cats in the houseInappropriate elimination may be a problem if there are many cats in the hose because many cats may have divided their territory, causing some cats to not be able to use sand trucks If there are many cats in the house, there should be a sufficient number of sand trucks for every cat.
  6. Cats are too stressed or worried.When the cat is stressed or worried, it causes abnormal behavior, which urinating in inappropriate places in the house is another behavior that can be seen. Cats that are stressed or worried will urinate everywhere because the smell of their own urine will make them feel safer, since cats use their own urine to represent the territory.

Therefore, the most common cause is stress. The owner needs to observe the behavior of their pets. In order to find a solution to the problem that your pet may have, and they need to be treated before showing more severe symptoms.


  • Inappropriate elimination.
  • Excretes outside sandbox or places prepared for.

Excreting outside the sandbox or the prepared area.

Treatment and Prevention

Inappropriate elimination is not a disease. The owner should train/teach them on how to use the sandbox, in addition, if the animal is still not being able to excrete where they should, they should be taken to a veterinarian to find the cause.

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