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Traveling with pets. By air travel, It is the subject of the pet's owner should attention to it. Because some airlines often have different requirements. Especially the size, breeds, and weight. So before the trip should be checked with the airline before Before departure.

 Pet Travel Tips / pet-az

1. In general, airlines will allow owners to bring dogs or cats less than 15 pounds, or 6.8 kg, in animal luggage. Placed under the passenger seat. Some airlines may enforce a maximum of two pets in a passenger room if excess weight. Or the excess animals will be sent under the machine with a room temperature. And dogs are very large. Weight over 35 kg. Some airlines will provide the warehouse through the system. Therefore, should be Seats booked and  specify the number of pets.

Pet Travel Tips / pet-az

2. General rules of the airline. Old of Pets should not be less than 2 months old and weaned at least 5 days before departure. In Thailand, cat ans dogs should be aged more than 4 months, and have been vaccinated for at least 1 month and the vaccine has not expired.


Select airline tickets. Should choose direct flight. Avoid airline replacements. Choose to book in the middle of the week with fewer passengers. Avoid trips Friday, Saturday, Sunday or long holidays.

During hot weather, choose an early morning trip. Or late at night. If the weather is very cold Must travel in the daytime.

 Pet Travel Tips / pet-az

3. In general, aviation regulations. The rules are. Airlines can not prevent temperature changes that affect animals. At temperatures below 45 ° F  for more than 45 minutes between loading and unloading to Passenger terminal. The airline is prohibited. Pet pick up Except that a veterinary certificate states that the pet. Ability to withstand low temperatures of 45 ° F (but not exceeding 85 ° H) for more than 45 minutes.

 Pet Travel Tips / pet-az

4. Dogs should be careful about temperature changes. Especially hot weather is a short- face dog, such as a bulldog and Pug has a high chance of having a heat stroke. Sometimes the animal may die before boarding. During the transfer from the terminal. To the machine No air conditioning And animals will wait in the baggage conveyor area. And had the temperature may be higher than normal.


When Arrive at the airport. Before traveling, make a pet check. And bring out some walks. Then take the pet into the cage and then the airline to bring up the machine. It should be emphasized to the airline staff that the pet is traveling in Flight For the pilot to prepare a room for pets. By providing oxygen, temperature and pressure within the animal's appropriate animal shelter. When the dog reaches the destination, take the pet out to stretch the line.

 Pet Travel Tips / pet-az

The cage for transporting pets should be in the airline regulations as follows :

1. Size should be larger than animal.  A level that can stand without the animal touching the top of the cage. The cage is high from the back of the animal while standing about 16 c.m. can rotate and sleep.

2. High strength No sharp and should have a handle.

3. The box should be watertight and cushioned with water absorbent material. Most of the paper is torn strip paper. Or may be used pet pee pads.

4. Mark the cage clear. Identify the animal owner, address, contact number, and should have the word LIVE ANIMALS and have the arrow pointing up to the cage in the right direction. Other important documents such as Health certificate, Photos, Vaccine certificate, And should be Kept original‎ document with the owner, and kept all copies in a waterproof bag and Attached it to the cage.

5. In the opposite side of the two cages should have ventilation holes and try to train the dog to accustomed. For used to cage, before the trip. In order not to be too scared animals. And should take clothes with the smell of the owner put into the cage with such as socks and used clothes. (But not washed)

6. Cage must be strong and firm. Especially the box door should have a rope over it. To prevent the cage open accidentally.

 Pet Travel Tips / pet-az

Before traveling, consult a veterinarian about feeding. For safety, dogs should be empty stomach. But still should give water But depending on animal size, age and travel time. In some case, some animals need special food. For example, animals with kidney disease. Must eat special food. Should be prepared as well. And Do not recommend pets to take medication. Or other anesthetic during the flight.

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