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Essential things you should prepare When traveling with a four-legged best friend.

When packing for your trip, you will need:

  • Any veterinary documents required for your pet's travel
  • Your pet's medication, particularly enough of any prescription medication for the trip.
  • A microchip and a collar with your contact information on it
  • Your pet carrier or pet crate, complete with identification
  • A leash and an extra collar. (Make sure your pet isn't wearing a choke collar of any kind. Cats should have a safety collar.)
  • Extra sheets or an old blanket for under the carrier for travel in an automobile
  • A couple of sheets to cover furniture and/or the bed at your destination, just in case
  • A blanket or cushion from your pet's home bedding
  • A container of your pet's food. If you pet eats a common food and you know that it is available, you needn't bring a whole bag. But, if you don't know if you'll find your pet's food, then bring it with you. (Don't forget a can opener and spoon, if needed)
  • Of course, a portable food and water dish, and a portable water container for traveling while at your destination. doggie drinklets are great for traveling because they pack very well, and will allow your pet easy access to hydration.
  • Backpack for your dog if you are going to be doing hiking or walking
  • Booties for your dog if you plan to travel on uneven or hilly ground
  • Their favorite chew toys
  • Treats
  • Grooming supplies, such as a brush or comb, a lint remover for hotel furniture, tweezers, scissors
  • Trash bags and waste removal bags
  • Disinfectant and carpet cleaner such as these great absorbent sheets
  • Extra old towels
  • Portable cat litter tray for your kitty
  • If traveling by car, use a pet carrier pad. If you decide to take a short walk, use a cat harness and leash. Under no circumstances should your cat run free.
  • Use a pet harness or booster seat device when traveling by car. In case of an accident, dogs can be thrown around the car and be injured or injure the driver or passengers as well.
  • Flashlight (for walking after dark)
  • First aid kit for humans and pets

Packing Tips / pet-az

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