What a Fabulous Idea! Dog Wears A Costume Halloween with Grandpa from the Film “Up”


Dog Wears A Costume Halloween

     This an adorable story of older man and his dog, which the grandpa worries about dog Halloween costumes.

     The adorable story of a dog with grandpa that worries about dog Halloween costumes which coming

     Meet Henry, an 87-year-old grandpa, and his dog love friend named Peyton. Since the first day, Henry meets Peyton as a puppy, they both can't separate.

     Certainly, with everything Henry does, he keeps dear Peyton in mind and that includes Halloween.

     Matt Poulton, Henry's grandson, told… My grandpa is captivated by Peyton. That's probably she lives in our house as long, she sleeps in grandpa henry's room and loves to lay next to him throughout the day. They spend most of the day in the house together."

Henry is about to choose dog Halloween costumes for Peyton.

     Recently, at the suggestion of his grandkids, Henry watched the 2009 Pixar film "Up" a movie in which a dog and older man like him are central characters.

     Poulton said… "I always said that my grandpa looks like an old man in the movie “Up”.

     The similarity is quite uncanny. It's not just the only henry, but Peyton is similar to a dog in a movie too.

Costume Halloween Dog from the Film “Up”

    With Halloween coming, "Up" evidently returned to Henry's mind when it came time to decide on a costume. Sure enough, he opted for one that his beloved dog could be a part of.

     The dog wears a costume Halloween pair with henry that is wearing a black suit resemble the old man in the movie "Up" and go out to the park.

     The dog Halloween costume couldn't be more perfect, with the dog's natural look more than sufficing for her part, But what's sweeter than the image of them together, is Henry and Peyton's friendship behind the scenes.

Dog wears a costume Halloween with Grandpa from the Film

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