Peep At These Adorable Guide Dogs Run To Safety During Fire Drill Exercise

Labrador retriever guide dogs

The dangerous of wildfires burning has got to be considered as one of the causes lead to unconsciously death. Understanding what to do in the event of such emergencies has never been more important. But humans aren't the only ones brushing up on their preparedness skills.

A group of adorable guide dogs at one training facility was recently given a refresher course on just what to do in case disaster strikes.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a New York-based nonprofit that specializes in shaping dogs into perfect companions for people with visual impairments. The group's training schools are host to well over 100 eager puppies and keeping them safe from harm is an important priority.

Go out hurried! Pictures from guide dog school.

Peep At These Adorable Guide Dogs Run To Safety During Fire Drill Exercise

Fire drill at guide dog school

that's why are guide dogs important for a blind person.

"In the event of a fire, our staff needs to be able to clear the kennel of any dogs before fire trucks arrive (their response time as a volunteer firefighting department is approximately four minutes)," Guiding Eyes for the Blind wrote online.

But pulling them out of the fire event get to accomplish, it should take practice. So, last week, the dogs partook in a fire drill, escaping from their kennel into a communal area outback.

And, as you can see,  It seemed chaotic combined with comedy.  It was a potentially lifesaving exercise, but the dogs clearly had a blast, taking the opportunity to enjoy a little impromptu recess outside all together.

Fire training of Guide dogs for the blind jobs

Finally, "We completed the drill of clearing all 174 dogs and all staff members from the building in 3 minutes and 8 seconds," the group wrote. "Great work!"

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