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Fun & Social Meet Cosmo, The Abandoned Dog Come To Beloved Of A New Family Saint Bernard dog named Cosmo become to an abandoned dog. We don't know the reasons dog abandoned by the owner, but we know how do abandoned dogs feel, but Cosmo's sadness did not last long. Fun & Social Man Heard Kitten's Cries in Backyard and Found 3 Kitties Needing Help When Nathan from Los Angeles came home after feeding local stray cats, he heard a tiny meow coming from his backyard. To his surprise, three little feral kittens and their cat mother had wandered in, and they needed help. Fun & Social Just Months After Being Rescued, Dog Sniffs Out Owner's Skin Cancer Magic’s Mission Beagle and Hound Rescue Inc., she never imagined that she would end up being the one in need of rescuing. But one pooch with a major sight disadvantage returned the woman's kindness by using a highly enhanced ability, her sense of smell. Without it, Lauren might not be around today to tell the world her amazing story. Fun & Social Abandoned Puppy Elated When Firefighter Who Rescued Her Comes To Visit Chunkie, an abandoned puppy, could not escape from suffering without Mike. The kindness of the firefighter helps saving the puppy as well as gets him the hope of life. Fun & Social Homeless Man Being physically ill But Never Sadness Because Get Encouragement From Good Friend Dogs A homeless man named César admitted to the hospital with some relapse with congenital disease. But he wasn't lonely because had good friend dogs awaiting his safe return. Fun & Social Cleft Palate Kitten Hug Everything When He Sleep When this kitten came to his forever home, they quickly discovered his love for hugging everything he sleeps on. His name is Hayko and he was born quite special. Fun & Social A Fractured Jaw Cat Saved by Warmhearted Woman Melissa accidentally found Smikol, a fractured jaw cat. She takes him to a vet, but there is zero percent for the kitten to survive. What kind of decision will Melissa make? Read on and cheer them up! Fun & Social Hiker Carries Injured Dog Down Mountain In July 2018, Tia went for a hike on Table Mountain with her 76-year-old father, Ted. While there, she faced her biggest hiking challenge yet. Tia’s heart melted when she saw the injured dog. She immediately knew she had to rescue the poor pup. Tia tried to get the dog to follow her down the mountain, but he couldn’t walk. Fun & Social "Yolanda" Guide Dog Save Her Owner Blind From Fire At Home Yolanda, a guide dog the labrador retriever breed that lives with a blind person named Colon. How can both of them survive the fire? Let's see. Fun & Social Police Dogs Were Ordered To Move Because They Were Extremely Friendly, But Soon Get A New Bigger Position The story of the police dog named Gavel, who was ordered to move because he was extremely friendly, But then he had got a new bigger position but what is a position? Let's see!
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