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Fun & Social Photos Collection Standing Cats That Get to Inspiration From Puss-in-Boots Puss in Boots was born already! After a photography professional decided to create a gallery "The STANDING CATS" which is the photos collection of cat standing up on hind legs. Fun & Social This Guy Proposed With 16 Dogs, So All Other Boyfriends Can Just Go Home SO. MANY. PUPPIES. If your dream is to roll around in a big pile of dogs, you're about to be so, so jealous. When this guy recently popped the question, he brought on the puppy love by proposing with 16 adorable dogs. Fun & Social Vancouver Police Canine Unit Just Released Their 2019 Charity Calendar And It’s Badass “The calendar was started in 2009 by retired Vancouver Police Sergeant Mike Anfield in honour of his wife, VPD Constable Candy Anfield who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2004,” Social Media Liaison officer for the Vancouver Police Department, Anne-Marie Clark told Bored Panda. “Proceeds from the sale of the calendars go towards the B.C. Cancer Foundation and B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation. Fun & Social Two Cats Try Their Hardest To Sneak Into Art Museum Meet Ken-chan and Go-chan: two cats whose greatest desire is to enter the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art in Japan. Fun & Social Lucky Homeless Dog Found Herself Finally Rescued Not only a pet needs fondness and warm embracing from humans, but so do homeless dogs. Fun & Social Why dog life is shorter than human? Being a veterinarian gave me the opportunity to look at the Irish wolfhound breed named Belker, Its owner is Ron, Lisa, and the baby Chen. And Chen is binding to Belker very much and they are expecting miracles. I discovered that Belker was dying of cancer. I told the family that we have no way to heal. And I offered to kill Belker at home. Fun & Social Stray Cat Strolls Into A Printing Shop And Lands Himself A Job Food, water and a cozy place to call home may be enough to satisfy some easier-to-please stray cats. But those things alone won't suffice for this former street kitty named Tom. Tom demands more. He requires admiration and he found just the place to get it. Fun & Social Street Dog With Strange Head They spotted two street dogs trotting down the center of the road, and one didn’t look very well, he had a strange head tilt, and there was a concerning lump under his ear. Fun & Social Disabled Cat Who Enjoy Running Gets New Set of Wheels as a Gift! When living in the same family, Jennifer decides to give Bernard, a disabled cat, a cat wheelchair as a welcome gift, wishing him to enjoy a new life. Fun & Social Old Man Creates 'Dog Train' To Take His Rescued Stray Dogs Jumpstart the Wonderful Journey How to help stray animals — the 80 year-old-man dedicates his time building a unique dog train, bringing the stray dogs to ride around the city.
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