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Fun & Social Abandoned Newborn Puppy Found on Sidewalk before Being Adopted by A Nice Couple Sleeping on the street for nights, an abandoned newborn puppy named Joy eventually escaped from the cold with the help of the "Howl of a Dog" before getting adoption by a Dutch couple. Fun & Social Peep At These Adorable Guide Dogs Run To Safety During Fire Drill Exercise The wildfires are the major cause leading to the death of humans and dogs. So, the dogs should have training about fire drills. A group of adorable guide dogs at one guide dog school. Fun & Social Woman Left Stunned After Being Told Her Dog Needed A Bus Ticket In fact, I'd go as far as saying that I would probably pay someone to get on the bus with their pet pooch. They certainly wouldn't need to spend their own hard-earned cash, that's a given. Fun & Social Come To Learn Single Dog Become To The Foster Mother Of The Kitten What's happen when a dog has never had a puppy. she has to become a foster mother of the kitten. Will she be a successful foster mother of the kitten? Let' see together Fun & Social Two Little Girls Go Missing And Their Pit Bull Never Leaves Their Side Four-year-old twin girls Adele and Elisabetta were out with their family in Udine, Italy, this week when they went missing and so many people spent hours looking for them. Fun & Social What a Fabulous Idea! Dog Wears A Costume Halloween with Grandpa from the Film “Up” The adorable story of a dog with grandpa that worries about dog Halloween costumes. And Haloween days are just around the corner. What is a dog wear a costume Halloween? Let's see. Fun & Social Cat with Cleft Palate Rescued and Influenced to Thrive and Live After being rescued by Fuzzy Texan Animal RescueI, Voldy, a cat with cleft palate, determined to fight for life. Fun & Social Camera Catches Pet Day Care Worker Sharing The Sweetest Moment With A Furry Client Camera Catches Pet Day Care Worker Sharing The Sweetest Moment With A Furry Client Fun & Social This Tiny Kitten Purrs On Top Of An Aging Cow. The Reason? Beautiful… We all know that cats are the kings and queens of their households, but this cat decided to take his role more seriously. Fun & Social Wila Krungthep Cat Found a new Thai cat species. "Wila Krungthep cat" This not unique to the genes of cats that have been on the world before.
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