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There are many factors that cause infectious diseases in pets. In the case of emergency, the owner should know the basic information first such as what are the symptoms? How long has it been? for further diagnosis. In all cases of emergency, the owner should consult a veterinarian to report initial symptoms of the pet In order to receive the treatment in time.

The severity of the disease caused by infection, most are determined by the host, responses to various factors that cause the severity of invading pathogens, the reaction, resulting in severe symptoms. There may be an infection, shock or other complications which is the cause of death from the occurrence of infectious diseases. In addition, it is believed that the occurrence of a catastrophe is another reason for causing more infections besides the host or pets with immune deficiency.

Sepsis, a condition in which our body reacts, respond to infection, or against the toxicity of germs, which causes inflammation throughout the body. This infection may occur at any location in the body or can be infected throughout the body.

Infection in the bloodstream is found that the pathogens get into the bloodstream and causing Sepsis to occur. Therefore, both conditions are related.

When the animal has a severe infection, it often leads to shock, unconsciousness, which may be caused by severe anemia and low blood pressure. In some cases with mild infections, animals may show diarrhea due to bacterial infection.

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