Hepatic emergencies

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There are many factors that cause Hepatic Emergencies. In the case of emergency, the owner should know the basic information first such as what are the symptoms? How long has it been? for further diagnosis. In all cases of emergency, the owner should consult a veterinarian to report initial symptoms of the pet In order to receive the treatment in time.

Liver (Liver or Hepar / Greek origins) is a very important organ of the body. It has many responsibilities, such as destroying and eliminating toxins and various waste by through the bile, it helps create coagulation, create certain hormones. It is the source of sugar accumulation in the body, helps control blood pressure in the abdomen, and product immunity against diseases.

Liver failure is a condition caused by the liver function loss, which results in various abnormal symptoms, more importantly, brain symptoms, bleeding symptoms, yellow-ish body. eyes (jaundice), water in the stomach and severe infections in the body.

In pets, the occurrence of liver failure is a condition in which the liver loses more than 70% of the work. This condition can be caused by a large number of liver parts are death acutely and can't work. And Can cause pets to die suddenly, Therefore considered an emergency that must be treated.

Acute liver failure is usually caused by infections, toxins, inadequate blood circulating to the liver and surrounding tissue, lack of oxygen, the use of drugs or chemicals that damage the liver and overheating. And when necrosis occurs in the liver, the liver function will be reduced and liver failure may follow.

This condition may also be caused by abnormalities in the formation of proteins (such as albumin, transport protein, procoagulant, and anticoagulant protein factors), glucose absorption and problems in the elimination of toxins from the body, if not treated, it can cause life-threatening.

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