Deseases by Name

Health Obesity Obesity is considered a nutritional disease that has an excessive amount of body fat. Health Ovarian Cancer in Dogs There are 3 major kinds of ovarian tumors in dogs, i.e. epithelial tumors, germ cell tumors, and stromal tumors. Health Ovarian Cancer in Cats There are 3 major kinds of ovarian tumors in cats, i.e. epithelial tumors, germ cell tumors, and sex-cord stromal tumors. Health Osteosarcoma Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer that is rare in cats but often found in dogs of all breeds, esp. the large dog breeds. This type of bone cancer can be found in all parts of the body; but most of them do occur on arms and legs which is equivalent to 75 – 85% of the affected bones. Health Oral Cancer Oral cancer is the cause of abnormalities in tissues. There are 2 forms of cancer that mostly found in dogs including Squamous cell carcinoma and Malignant melanoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is also common in cats. Health Ocular Tumors in Cats Ocular tumors can be found in cats, both benign tumors and malignant tumors. Health Optic neuritis in dogs and cats The symptoms will depend on what causes Optic neuritis in dogs and cats. But, in most cases, enlarge pupils and the optic nerves to be swollen. Health Ocular Tumors in Dogs Ocular tumors are common in dogs. They are caused by the changes of tissues in the eye which later develop as tumors. Tumors of the eye can be either benign or malignant. Health Ocular melanosis (OM) in dogs When Ocular melanosis in dogs occurs, it will cause anterior uveitis, the pigment in the eye, redness eyes, cloudy cornea, pain eyes, the eyes are sensitive to light, loss of appetite. Health Osteochondrosis Osteochondrosis is the most common type in dogs. Bone cancer can occur in all dogs especially in large species.
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