Deseases by Name

Health Mosquito-Borne Diseases (West Nile Virus in Dogs and Cats) The common symptoms found in West Nile Virus in Dogs and cats including itching, irritation, fever, and depression, etc. Health Mouse and rat poison in dogs and cats When dogs and cats receive mouse and rat poison, it will cause loss of appetite, impaired movement, paralysis hind limbs, muscle tremors, seizures, depression, and central nervous system pressures. Health Melanoma in Dogs The symptoms found in melanomas in dogs include bad breath, swollen face, excessive saliva, loosened tooth, oral cavity pain, loss of appetite, unable to eat, swollen feet, and swollen groin. Health Melanoma in Cats The symptoms melanoma in cats includes foul breath, pain in its eye, facial swelling, excessive drooling, loosened teeth, pain in the mouth, eating less or unable to eat, swelling of the foot and groin, dark spots or lumps on skin, gum or in the eyes. Health Mast Cell Tumor in Dogs and Cats The symptoms found in mast cell in dogs and cats include vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, a lump under the skin, Health Mammary Cancer The symptoms of mammary cancer in dogs and cats include blood and pus from nipples, multiple lumps, pain in mammary glands, swollen breast, breast ulcers, lymph from nipples, breathing difficulty, weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Health Malignant Histiocytosis in Dogs and Cats The common symptoms of malignant histiocytosis in dogs and cats include loss of appetite, seizure, weight loss, fever, lethargy, diarrhea, lameness weakness, paralysis Health Myositis Ossificans MyMyositis Ossificans in dogs is a result of the bone tissue replacement process that must have behavior Swelling and Fever. Health Muscular or tendon trauma Muscular of tendon trauma, mostly found the injuries of tendon muscles must have behavior Acute weakness and Leg pain. Health Muscle tumors Muscle tumors Caused by abnormal growth of cells must have behavior Loss of appetite, Bad breath and Difficulty swallowing.
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