Deseases by Name

Health Hypertensive retinopathy in dogs and cats Hypertensive retinopathy is the damage of the optic nerve when the blood pressure rises, causing bleed in the retina, enlarged pupil, loss of vision, or blindness. Health Horner’s syndrome in dogs and cats Horner’s Syndrome in dogs and cats causes ptosis, anisocoria, smaller pupil, elevated third eyelid, conjunctival hyperemia, tiredness, redness around eyes and ears, drooling, head tilting, stumbling. Health Hyperesthesia Hyperesthesia or over-sensitive is excessive sensitivity to stimuli/stimulants such as contact, Weight loss, and Vomiting Health Histiocytoma in Dogs and Cats In the affected pets with histiocytoma, painless fast-growing small tumors are often found on the skin. They can move freely and turn to lesions after all. Health Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs and Cats The common symptoms found in hemangiosarcoma in dogs and cats include weight loss, fatigue, bloated abdomen, gasping, and pale gums, etc. Health Heart Tumors in Dogs The symptoms commonly found heart tumors in dogs are lethargy, difficulty breathing, weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, collapse, etc. Health Heart Tumors in Cats The common symptoms found in heart tumors in cats include coughing, lethargy, shortness of breath, and heart murmurs, etc. Health Hypokalemic myopathy Hyperkalemia myopathy is a congenital disease that affects many muscles at the same time. It will cause muscles to be weak. Health Hip dysplasia in dog Hip dysplasia in a dog is a disease caused by abnormalities in the development of the hip bone must have behavior Loose joints. Health Hip dysplasia in cat Hip dysplasia is a disease caused by abnormalities in the development of the hip bone that must have behavior to Lose muscle mass.
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