Deseases by Name

Health Fears and Phobias FearFear or Phobia is an unusual fear behavior often caused by sudden abnormal responses that must have behavior Restless and Worry. Health Fibrosarcoma in Dogs The symptoms found in fibrosarcoma in dogs include weakness, feeling pain especially in the legs, swollen bone, swallowing difficulty, bleeding from the mouth, bad breath. Health Fibrosarcoma in Cats The symptoms found in fibrosarcoma in cats are swallowing difficulty, loss of appetite, dehydrated, painful walking, bleeding from the mouth. Health Fibrotic myopathy Fibrotic myopathy, connective tissue disorders must-have behavior Muscle injury, Weak and Muscle fibers flexibility reduction. Health Florida keratopathy in dogs and cats Florida keratopathy or Florida Sports has many characteristics. It may be a white or gray spot on the cornea. Florida keratopathy is common in both dogs and cats. Health Facial Nerve Paralysis in Dogs and Cats The symptoms found in facial nerve paralysis in dogs and cats include facial asymmetry, discharge of pus from the affected eye, facial spasms. Health False pregnancy False pregnancy occurs when the animals have the symptoms of pregnancy but not actually pregnant cause Changes in behavior. Health Fanconi syndrome Fanconi Syndrom is a disorder responsible for the renal proximal tubule. Often have symptoms such as Weight loss, not eating. Health Familial renal disease Kidney disease That is involved with genetics Which is the cause of kidney failure or kidney failure Often having depression. Health Filth Flies-Borne Diseases in Dogs and Cats The symptoms often found in filth flies-borne diseases in dogs and cats are diarrhea, vomiting, and inflammation in intestines, etc.
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