Main statistics
Breed group:
Companion Dogs
Toy dog breed
9 inches to 11 inches tall at the shoulder
7 to 9 pounds
Life Span:
12 to 14 years
60 %
Adapts well to apartment living
Dog’s ability to be relatively quiet, not high energy and fairly calm indoors, and polite with the other residents.
100 %
Good for first-time owners
Dog’s ability to be fairly easygoing, resilient enough to bounce back from owner’s mistakes or inconsistencies.
80 %
Sensitivity level
Dog’s ability to handle a noisy, chaotic household, a louder or more assertive owner, and an inconsistent or variable routine.
60 %
Tolerance of being alone
Dog’s predisposition to be worry or even panic when left alone by their owner. An anxious dog can be very destructive, barking, whining, chewing, and otherwise causing mayhem.
20 %
Tolerability to cold weather
Dog’s ability to tolerate cold weather
60 %
Tolerability to hot weather
Dog’s ability to tolerate hot weather
60 %
60 %
Family affection
Dog’s ability to build close bonds with the owner or owner’s family
100 %
Kid friendliness
Dog’s ability to be gentle with children, to handle their hugs, and to have right attitude toward children’s running and screaming
20 %
Friendliness towards other dogs
Dog’s ability to have good canine social skills
80 %
Friendliness toward strangers
Dog’s ability to be stranger-friendly
60 %
40 %
Shedding potential
Intensity of dog’s shedding
20 %
Drooling potential
Dog’s predisposition to drop saliva uncontrollably from the mouth
20 %
Grooming complexity
Level of grooming complexity
80 %
40 %
General health
Dog’s predisposition to be prone to certain genetic health problems
80 %
Potential for weight gain
Dog’s predisposition for weight gaining
60 %
60 %
Training potential
Dog’s ability to respond to training
40 %
Dog’s ability for jobs that require decision making, intelligence, and concentration, such as herding livestock, taking care of blind person, etc.
80 %
Potential for mouthiness
Dog’s tendency to nip, chew, and play-bite during puppyhood.
80 %
Prey drive
Level of inborn desire to chase and sometimes kill other animals.
60 %
Tendency to bark or howl
Level of dog’s desire for barking or howling.
40 %
Wanderlust potential
Dog’s ability to take off after anything that catches their interest, even if it means leaving the owner behind.
40 %
Exercise Requirements
80 %
Energy level
Amount of time and energy, which dog spends for jumping, playing, and investigating any new sights and smells.
80 %
Dog’s vigorousity potential.
60 %
Exercise needs
Level of exercises needed to keep dog in-shape
80 %
Potential for playfulness
Level of dog’s demands for endless games
80 %

Affenpinscher / pet-az

General info

The Affenpinscher is a wiry-haired terrier-like toy dog. It makes a good house pet due to its intelligence and cordialness towards other animals. With its big beard and long eyebrows, the dog is visually exquisite but tough in nature, as it was bred to chase vermin. The Affenpinscher’s facial expression, with a beard and long eyebrows, makes it look like a monkey and even comically serious. Its rough coat is an inch long throughout the body and a little longer on the chest, head, neck, legs, and stomach. Originally, the function of its coat was to provide protection from harsh weather conditions and vermin. The medium bone, sturdy, compact, and square-proportioned Affenpinscher is a smaller variety of a working terrier but is not as delicate as it appears. It is very tough, active and nimble enough to chase and catch rats and mice. The dog's gait, meanwhile, is confident and light. The Affenpinscher is distinguished from other terriers by its quality of being good with pets and other dogs. This small dog is at its best with its family, which enjoys humor and entertainment.

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