Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

1. To Build a Positive Relationship

Positive training, which rewards and motivates a dog for good behavior, allows you to foster a relationship with your dog based on mutual trust and respect instead of fear and intimidation. The most effective teachers are those who can influence behavior in their dogs without the use of force and work through any problems in a humane manner. Dogs that are taught using positive reinforcement methods are more tolerant, self-controlled and behave much more predictably in different situations.

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2. To Teach Life Skills

Every dog needs to learn how to live successfully in a home environment. Domestic dogs might seem to have an easy life compared to their wild counterparts, but living in a human world comes with certain unique pressures. Teaching your dog basic manner skills and providing her with enough mental enrichment and physical exercise will prevent her from developing anxiety and other stress-related behaviors.

Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog / pet-az

3. To Increase Sociability skills

Increasing your dog’s enjoyment of social interaction will give her the confidence to deal with the pressures of domestic life. Exposing your dog to different situations where she can observe and ‘converse’ at a distance is as important as teaching her to accept physical touch.

Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog / pet-az

4. To Avoid Problem Behaviors

Training your dog builds up a language of communication between you that promotes security and comfort.

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5. To Obedience

Lots of dogs have no manners, and their owners are at a loss as to how to teach them manners. So these hapless folks frequently end up hollering at poor Misty or smacking Buster on the butt with an open palm or a newspaper. Even worse, when Rambo doesn't shape up, he's banished to the basement or the backyard to live his days in solitude, or he's taken to the pound because "we just can't deal with him anymore." Obedience training would have prevented many of these problems and can help solve the bad behaviors that exist.

Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog / pet-az

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