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kinds of Courses

Kinds of Courses / pet-az

The Road Safety Course

The Road Safety Course is essential for those who walk their dogs on the street or in areas where other potential dangers exist in the environment.

During this course, you and your dog will be instructed on safety measures when crossing roads, intersections and through traffic, and routines for making your walks as safe as possible. Your dog will be taught very precise heeling exercises and will be habituated to things like loud vehicles and uneven pavements.

Duration: 10 Hours of On-Road Instruction

Suitability: All dogs over 6 months of age


Kinds of Courses / pet-az

The Socialization Course

This course is designed to socialize and train dogs younger than 6 months of age. In this course, your puppy will be introduced to other dogs, strangers and different environments. He will be exposed to everyday skills that he’ll need in order to get along in the world such as stair climbing, being touched by strangers, being groomed, and waiting quietly on a vet examination table.

Course Duration: 10 sessions of 1 hour each.

Suitability: All dogs under 6 months of age.


Kinds of Courses / pet-az

The On-Lead Obedience

In this course your dog will learn 4 essential obedience commands that will change his life and yours. During this course you will be instructed on the basics of training a dog, and your dog will be taught to sit, heel, down and come at a high degree of consistency.

We provide this training in our group obedience classes. These classes are modeled from our successful course curriculum in Australia and the United States and will be recognizable to anyone who has taken dog training classes abroad.

Group classes are the best method of instruction for new dog owners. The group format provides an opportunity to socialize with other dog owners and for your dog to meet other canines.

Kinds of Courses / pet-az

You’ll have the chance to see how a wide variety of problem behaviors are treated and be able to spend time handling other people’s dogs. In the group class, we will instruct you through the basics of teaching your dog the obedience commands of sit, heel, drop, stay and come.

By providing explanations, lots of examples and showing you the behind-the-scenes techniques that trainers use, you will gain the ability to teach your current dog AND any future dog you may have. Dogs of any breed, size, and age are welcome.

Duration: 10 sessions of 1 hour each.

Suitability: All dogs.


Kinds of Courses / pet-az

The  Intermediate Obedience Course

The intermediate obedience class is the first step towards preparing your dog for competition obedience trials. Even if you have no interest in earning obedience titles in competition, this course will give you superb control – teaching extremely high levels of consistency and accuracy on the heel, come, sit, drop, stand, formal recall and finish.

Duration: 3 – 5 months

SuitabilityBy invitation after completion On-Lead Course.

Behavior Modification

Is your dog’s behavior such that you’ve thought about giving him up or finding him a new home? Does he display fearful or aggressive behavior to such an extent that he can be a liability to have around? Or perhaps there are just some odd and annoying behaviors that you haven’t been able to solve such as toilet training, chewing on furniture or barking?

If so, a course in behavior modification may be the solution.

Problem behaviors can be solved through one-on-one consultation with a professional trainer.

Course : Per Session: 5,000 baht / Package of 10 Sessions: 45,000 baht.

Kinds of Courses / pet-az



Sevices provide the following training and behavior services.

Kinds of Courses Training / pet-az

Our training programs will help you bridge the under standing gap between dog and owner.  We provide solutions to problem behavior, obedience training and much more.

Dog training is much more than just sitting up to take a bow or jumping through hoops. Properly done, training will increase communication and understanding and create a bond between dog and master that will make the relationship meaningful and fulfilling for both. We offer obedience training, solutions for behavior problems and specialized training classes.

Obedience training shows you how your dog’s mind works and how he thinks. It gives your dog a chance to understand the rules of living in the hum an world and your family.


Obedience Classes

Kinds of Courses Training / pet-az

Our obedience classes are located at Camp K-9 Bangkok.

We hold classes on weekends and weekday mornings. Our classes run from beginner’s obedience all the way to advanced level competition courses. We accept dogs of all breeds and all ages and all personality types, with any problems.

Great start for a new puppy. All the essentials for first time or new dog owners. The best way to begin solving behavior and mental problems.


Private Training

Kinds of Courses Training / pet-az

We can coach you and your dog in private one-on-one lessons at locations around town or in your home.


Behavior Solutions

solutions all types of canine behavior problems from mild to severe displays of fear, human and dog directed aggression, excessive barking, destructive habits, and unruly behaviors.

Our training programs will change your dog’s behavior and will allow at-risk dogs to keep their home.

Kinds of Courses Training / pet-az

Specialized Training

Kinds of Courses Training / pet-az

Companion protection training. Scent detection training, foundation work for working dogs including imprinting. Training for specialized actions, exhibition, performance, television and motion pictures.

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