Dog Training For The Contest Or Show

We have to start training,  Act as chief of their and have discipline in dog training. Chief of the "dog" of the dog, we must have a calm mood. The Practice of dog. You shows that the dog is a follower. Must be under the control of the owner or the trainer and don't show aggression behavior. You should get trust of  the dog. And get feel secure of the  dog  when they with you.

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Dog training to contest

In the dog contest, the use of the command by speech. It also emphasizes the signal output command warning with the use of eyes. So in training the dog to contest. Need to practice both the use of voice commands. And the use of eyes. The owner or trainer must issue both orders together. Dog training for the contest requires the following:

1. Practice to basic commands.

Before practice deep in the competition of the dog. they have to pass the test by the basic training to pass. The dog must know its own name. And learn the basic commands such Heel, Sit, Stay, Stand up, Lay Down and Recall or Come etc., and also need to know the discipline automatically. Including meditation. Practice tolerance The dog must practice. Can control themselves.

Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az

2. Practice to familiarize strangers and different environments.

Creating a familiarity with an exotic place or a stranger is a must to practice hard, Because when to contest outside the place. The dog  get meet with strangers and touched the body from the  strangers. In order not to cause fear of panic, aggression. It is necessary to practice taking out the society. And may be should  to practice  to ride in a small stall and space be narrow.

Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az

3.  Practice to Stand up for the contest.

3.1 The first step is to train the dog to stand upright. Stand on a table or box that is strong enough can support the weight  of each dog. So we can see the whole of the body, legs, foot, and all the body of dogs. The dog will stand in the right position. The dog must be in a beautiful posture, balanced, and neck straight. we can lure the dog to stand in front of his neck straight by give a  dessert in front of them. If you are willing to continue to reward them until they stand still.

3.2 Customize the dog's face to turn right , turn left and straight, in beautiful posture and  balanced. Try to catch the mouth of the dog to change the face to look to the left-right but  the body is still in same position . If the dog can do it,  give a reward to them.

3.3 Adjust the legs of the dog. front legs must be straight. Under the strong shoulder. The legs do not spread out the back of the body, So body and back straight, hind legs sloping to the back slightly. The lower leg of the hind legs is perpendicular to the ground. The distance of the two legs behind the tail is viewed from the back as a parallel. And to adjust the legs. To adjust the left leg, hold the left hand in the position of the left knee. Move to the position we want. And not at the foot of the dog to adjust the position.

Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az

Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az 

Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az

4. Walking Training in the contest

Walking training necessary a leash in training. The dog should walk on the left hand side of the owner or trainer at all times, using a method to attract the dog's attention. In the early stages. Like using food or toys to lure dogs. Depending on what the nature of the dog is interested in. And the owner can take a walk in the park. Road in the village It is quiet and then develops to walk in a noisy place to familiarize themselves with different environments. Walking should follow a path that is circle, triangular and straight.

  The step sequence must start from the hind legs. And then followed by the right front leg. With the left back And the left leg in order. We must walk in harmony with the movement of the dog. While walking, should  command 'stopped'  while walking and standing still. The dog must stand balanced by the standard position And the dog will look at us. Then give dessert is rewarded.

Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az

5. Running Training in the contest

Dogs who enter the contest must walk and run for the umpire in the contest. To demonstrate the ability to move beautifully by species standards. by practicing the owner to always motivate dogs to the left of our body. The dog must run be far from us in a reasonable distance. By training run and back a triangle and run as a circle as well as in the Contest . We must running  in harmony with the movement of the dog.


Good tips for training for the contest Or show

1. The command to the dog must use a short command. And do not change the order all the time. Dogs may be confused.

2.  Practice in the mirror, we can see the view from the umpire.   

3. Should practice on a daily basis. usually Instruct one for about 10 minutes, and then  the owner should to have discipline in dog training.    

4.  Try to train the dog to be walking. Run or catch with strangers    

5. Leashes for dogs should be used in the contest to make dogs more familiar, such as Martingale Show Leads with shock absorber easy to control the direction of the lightweight, but strong durable dog or Choke chain for large dog, such as  boxer breeds.

Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az

Training For The Contest Or Show / pet-az

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